Wood Products

Our Product Range

We make a wide range of hand-crafted wood products including:

  • Bird tables and nest boxes
  • Crates
  • Planters
  • Mobile phone and pen holders

Bird Table



(large and medium available)



(handheld or large available)


Bug hotels


and much more…


Wine Racks  

Hedgehog box


Price List


Prices include VAT and are subject to revision  


Bird Table £44.95
Large Planter                    £44.95
Medium Planter £34.95
Large Trug £59.95 (£69.95 + castors)
Handheld Trug                                 £24.95
Seed Tray £14.95
Large Crate £24.95
Medium Crate  £17.95
Window Boxes                                

£24.95 / £14.95

Bird Box (from) £14.95 / £24.95
Bat Box £19.95
Hedgehog Home                             £27.95
Dog Bed                                           £39.95 / £29.95
Bug Hotels (from)                             £4.95
Wine Rack (large)                           £39.95
Wine Rack (small)                           £19.95

New products added on a regular basis – please call 07904 150180 for an update or if you have any specific requirements.


Logs £6, Firewood £4, Kindling £3.50

Off cuts of timber priced by the metre


“…it’s great learning new skills and meeting new people…”

“… I really love coming here and making the new products from the old wood…”

“…Before coming to New Life wood I had really low self esteem, but now I have been able to learn new skills and regain my confidence…”

“…I was really struggling at home with no purpose – this will really help increase my confidence and hopefully help me get a new job in the long run…”