Wood Products

Our Product Range

We make a wide range of hand-crafted wood products including:

  • Bird tables and nest boxes
  • Crates
  • Planters
  • Mobile phone and pen holders

Bird Table



(large and medium available)



(large and medium available)


Bug hotels


Mobile phone / pen holder


Hedgehog box


Price List

Prices include VAT and are subject to revision  

Bird table £40
Large planter                    £45
Medium planter £35
Large crate £25
Hedgehog Home £27.50
Medium crate £20
Bird box (from) £15
Bat Box £20
Bug Hotel £5/£4

Logs £6, Firewood £4, Kindling £3.50
Off cuts of timber priced by the metre


“…it’s great learning new skills and meeting new people…”

“… I really love coming here and making the new products from the old wood…”

“…Before coming to New Life wood I had really low self esteem, but now I have been able to learn new skills and regain my confidence…”

“…I was really struggling at home with no purpose – this will really help increase my confidence and hopefully help me get a new job in the long run…”