About New Life Wood

New Life Wood is a registered charity aimed at relieving unemployment and poverty.


Our wood recycling project engages, through risk assessed referral systems from prisons and mental health organisations, appropriate people to work on the project for three months to obtain certificates in courses/modules detailed below and the opportunity to obtain a written reference on their performance to enable to apply for jobs. In addition this experience gives people a starting point not only to earn a living but also positively impacts on their struggles against poverty. Other similar wood recycling activities have evidenced the difference made in peoples lives and also benefitted their community as a whole by reducing landfill.

As an organisation we wish to reflect our Christian ethos, and help to transform, restore and enrich lives. We aim to offer our work placements an invitation, in a non-pressurised loving environment, to learn more about the Christian Faith which underpins our work. Each work placement is free to choose whether or not they would like to explore this opportunity further.

We offer courses in :-

  • CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Money Management using trained coaches and if necessary referral to CAP / Debt reduction counselling
  • Life and Employment Skills Courses
  • Support in preparing job applications and interview techniques

Vocational Training including Modules on :–

  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid
  • Safe Tool Handling
  • Optional Christian Courses giving spiritual support